Support for IVF


Many of our clients wish to use our treatment to prepare themselves for IVF treatment.  We use homeopathic remedies with the aim of balancing hormones, improving egg & sperm quality, improve endometrium naturally, and create a greater sense of emotional balance and reduce fear and anxiety.

Lena’s story

“When we did our first IVF attempt I thought that the drugs would sort out my cycle – the clinic said they would take over my cycle and do all the work of getting the eggs ready and fertilised.  I hadn’t realised how important it was to get my period regular so that the IVF had something to work off.  It took 6 months to get my cycle regular.  But I was thrilled when my second round of IVF worked, and actually needed less drugs than the first time!”

Mary’s story

“We had our first three cycles of IVF at a clinic that pretty much threw everything possible at me.  To be honest, I thought if I had everything possible I had the best chance.  Although I produced lots of eggs, nothing took and we were devastated.  Then my cycle just went haywire … I felt like a mess and was so volatile.  Anne & Claire got my cycle not just back on an even keel, but better than before and stopped biting my husband’s head off.  I decided to go to a different IVF who used less drugs and tailored it more to me – finally success.  Can’t tell you how thrilled we are”

How might treatment help with IVF

Homeopathic remedies are given with the aim of being a catalyst to get the body to work as it should. In practice this means producing the correct hormonal cycles, clearing any disturbances fully and enabling correct functionality.

We talk you through all the natural treatment to help your hormonal and fertiity issues, and explain exactly how we feel we can help you.  We are always honest, and aim to enable you to feel back in control, understand your options, and maximise every opportunity for success.  We understand the different protocols and approaches of various IVF clinics as well as the experience of our clients at these clients.

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