One of the most common causes of female infertility and of hormonal symptoms in young women. We have seen a large number of women with PCOS, and in our experience not all cases are the same. Our homeopathic treatment is individualised to take into account these differences in symptoms.

Women with PCOS have an imbalance of oestrogen and testosterone, which isn’t ideal for a healthy cycle or a fertile cycle. It is also involved with insulin resistance and is a complex issue. In treating women with PCOS we advise on diet, supplements, and provide personally tailored homeopathic remedies.  This is aimed at getting the body back into a more natural flow.

Case Study

“I’d always worried about having babies, as PCOS had run in my family. Sure enough after one year of trying and I took some tests, doctors confirmed my fears. Yes, the irregular cycles were down to PCOS. After homeopathic treatment I started to get regular cycles, which amazed me – I also started to feel a bit hormonal for the first time for years as well.
It took a year from starting homeopathic treatment to get pregnant, but at least I felt my body was back to working again.”