It seems a commonly held misconception that women have to suffer through menopause.  Struggling for years through a tide of unpleasant symptoms is actually not necessary.

It is a process of transition and change – as such it can bring things to the fore.

Common symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, increased anxiety, low mood and unusual or unpredictable bleeding can cause enormous difficulties and are often played down. We recognise the importance of addressing these issues, and give appropriate treatment aimed at rebalancing your body so these symptoms subside.

Changing at this stage of your life often coincides with other life transitions, and can feel overwhelming. We support women emotionally through this time, using homeopathic remedies and our unique blend of homeopathic counselling.

Menopause – A Time To Thrive

The menopause is not a pathological disease process, it is a transition from one normal healthy state to another normal healthy state. However, it doesn’t mean this transition is easy.

Our newly released book “Menopause: Survive and Thrive” explains how you can become the expert of your own menopause and ride the hormonal and emotional changes that are uniquely taking place in your body.