“My eggs are old, they say nothing can be done”

A poor AMH result recognises that eggs are not maturing very well.  While this can be to do with eggs being older, there are other reasons why eggs may not be maturing.

We have seen examples where AMH results can and do change. AMH is only one of the variables that contribute to poor egg quality. We give remedies aimed at improving hormones in a holistic way. Other hormones, such as stress hormones can impact fertility hormones, and for this reason a holistic approach can be useful.


“I was only 28…and was told it was like my eggs were 45 years old and my only realistic chance of being a mum was egg donation. I just didn’t know what to do. A friend recommended Anne & Claire, it did seem like a slow start initially and I wasn’t sure that much was happening, my periods were a little better… I retested after 5 months, I was gobsmacked when the tests showed the age of my eggs matched my  real age. I wasn’t an old lady anymore”