A natural way to de-stress and increase your chances of pregnancy

Are you fed up being told to "relax", or to "just not think about it"? Do you find it really difficult trying not to feel stressed and get too worried about days and dates in the month, and yet trying to be aware of the best times and what is going on in your body?

You are not alone

Our hypno-fertility treatments are the perfect way to relax and release hidden stresses.  Stress has been shown to actively affect you by interfering with your natural hormonal flow, potentially closing down part of your fertility cycle. We provide hypno-fertility which allows your unconscious mind to relax and help stop production of stress hormones, and gives your body the best chance to work at its optimum.

We also advise & demonstrate meditation & breathing techniques which will help with on-going de-stressing which you can continue to practice at home.

We offer:

A course of 3 sessions, each session lasts 1 hour, ideally booked 2 weeks apart. These will be tailored around any particular issues you have but typically include stress reduction, examining and removing barriers and fears, and embed techniques which can be used as needed after the sessions have finished.  The treatment also includes a link to a download which you can use at home.

How does Hypno-Fertility work?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, it is a positive and empowering experience. You remain fully aware and in complete control and in this trance state are able to call into focus your sub conscious and bridge the connection.  As the therapist, we guide this channel of communication allowing deep fears and stresses to be released.  This is especially useful for deep rooted trauma, conception, IVF, fear of failure.