General Health

Many people recognise that despite career success, positive relationships and financial rewards that they are not fulfilling their potential.  Something feels wrong, out of balance – and something needs to change and they don’t know what.  They can be in negative cycles of behaviour, they can always be looking for their next achievement in the hope that it will put things right.  Perhaps they have lost their clear sense of purpose, perhaps they are wondering what their life is or has been all about, perhaps life changes or life circumstances have forced a re-think.

Homeopathic Counselling & Remedies

This involves talking through the issues in order to establish the key aspects of conflict and barriers to development. Once we pinpoint these areas, we give homeopathic remedies which allows the mind and emotions to resolve the problems and release creativity.  We talk through developments at length, and clients report feeling surprised as to the speed and extent that their life has changed for the better.

Exploration and Understanding of internal conflict

We use hypnotherapy techniques to explore issues which may be rooted with your inner child, opening routes to understanding and resolving negative life patterns. By relaxation into your simple subconscious conflicts, clients report this sheds light on why patterns continue and how they have taken root in their life, as well as revealing ways to undo these.