Emotional Trauma and Trauma from Birth

We see people who have suffered trauma or serious stress that has undermined their ability to live their life as fully as they would like, including:

  • Bereavement
  • Relationship issues
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Traumatic birth
  • Shock
  • Depression

Emotional Trauma

Following any trauma individuals can react in a wide variety of ways.  For some they are able to process it and move on, but for others it creates an on-going cycle of fear, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares or disconnection.

We see people who have suffered bereavement and loss, be that from natural or violent causes; those who have been subjected to abuse either as a child or an adult; relationship issues; depression; generalised anxiety; or when people have never been well following a particular incident.

Many of these people are seeking help just to move on with their lives and not for fertility.

Traumatic birth/PTSD

Sadly, too many women experience a traumatic birth which may lead to postnatal depression, difficulty bonding with their child and a profound fear about any subsequent pregnancy and birth. For some women this can be severe enough to lead to PTSD - which may include flashbacks, pervasive anxiety about everyday activities, inability to experience enjoyment - including from sex with their partner and a sense of isolation and guilt.

 It is not simply those births where dramatic problems have occurred that can lead to these problems - women can be made to feel that they are "making a fuss", and they "should be happy if they have a live/healthy baby". This minimisation and failure to recognise the trauma some women have experienced further entrenches and exacerbates the problems.

How might treatment work for trauma?

We take a unique approach with homeopathy & homeopathic counselling - we identify the problem and exactly where the mind or emotions are stuck, and give a remedy or series of remedies which enables the mind to address the problem and create balance, and brings perspective and a sense of resolution.

For many people the thought of discussing and dissecting issues feels quite frightening.  Although people may have had counselling or similar in the past, for a number of people this may not have lead to a resolution of the problem.  Some people have still found they are unable to fully move on with their lives.