Anxiety & Stress

Stress encapsulates a whole range of emotions and has the capacity to have a profound effect on the whole body, causes symptoms both physical and mental.  As well as making you feel awful and out of control, it can and does directly affect fertility.


Stress & Anxiety releases a hormonal cascade, including the release of cortisol. This in turn inhibits the release of one of the body’s main sex hormones, leading to less effective ovulation, poor sperm and lowered libido.

General Stress & Anxiety

When you feel stressed or anxious you go into a “fight or flight” mode. Even once anxiety subsides the body has the residue effect of these hormones. This can make you feel very unwell, out of control, affect your mood, your sleep and your ability to cope. Sometime the fear of a panic attack is almost worse than the panic attack itself.

Menopausal Anxiety

Hormonal changes at menopause can be enough to cause adrenal surges, and create feelings of anxiety even when life itself is not inherently stressful. This is a time of change which can add a further layer of potential anxiety, as changes can be difficult.

We work to get to the underlying cause, be that life, stressors, hormones or a mix of these and give remedies and homeopathic counselling. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness can also be useful.  One way of testing how stressed you really are about a situation is to think how you would feel if that worry wasn’t there.  If you feel a surge of lightness and peace then that is a measure of how stressed you are about a situation.