Real Stories

The most common thing our clients say to us is that they wished they had known about our clinic earlier.  After seeing us they now feel they have more understanding and control over their situation, there may now be other choices which they hadn’t realised.

Below you can read some real stories about the different journeys taken on the road to parenthood.


40, with a heavy medical history

I fell ill when I was 19, a bizarre illness called orbital myositis that nobody had heard of. Doctors gave me steroids, immuno suppressants, biopsies. At this stage and later, I thought I could never touch my dream of having a family because of all the medication, medical and health implications. I met a great ophthalmologist who took the risk of an operation which helped me a lot but being still on medication meant to put my dreams on hold. I’ve always been into homeopathy and a few years ago I went to a homeopath because I was sinking into depression. Not only did that work but I started having hope.

Then I ruptured my cruciate ligament, had a blood clot, had a pulmonary embolism and thought once again my dream had been shattered. I did not want to give up especially as I had met the right man. Once again, I turned to homeopathy and to that wonderful professional who not only listens but can pinpoint a solution very accurately.

We both took the remedies and the vitamins and within a month and a half I was pregnant. Good job for someone who is 40, with a heavy medical history and still on medication. I had of course to put up with the anticoagulant injections throughout the pregnancy and the stress of wondering how it was going to turn out but every scan, every blood test was encouraging and my nugget was strong, moving and kicking all the time.

I carried on with homeopathy all the way through, including labour. My baby came out in less than 10mn, perfect! I was worried with the postnatal bleeding and problems – my back was hurting a lot, but once again, homeopathy has sorted it. We are now blessed with a wonderful, beautiful and strong baby boy.

To those who are losing hope, I wanted to say to try it. I waited 15 years for it. I had nothing to lose, I gained everything. Dreams are my reality.


At last, a proactive stance

We had been trying for a baby for two years with no success, two years of trying all the old wives’ tales – ice baths, legs in the air etc – and although this was fun we just couldn’t hit the jackpot! We seriously tried not to get stressed, went on lots of holidays, tried not to think about it and probably ended up trying too hard.

So, two years later, we decided to seek professional help, a long and slow process. After seeing our GP we were referred to a NHS consultant and had the usual battery of tests only to be told that we had ‘unexplained infertility’. So, on to the IVF rollercoaster and we had 2 money grabbing failed attempts at this only to be told we had less than 5% chance of IVF working.

Enough we said of all this, 5 years and nothing, there had to be something else. Trevor said let’s try homeopathy – what a hippie I thought! Coming from a medical background I had little faith and lots of scepticism but just thought well why not as Trevor had used it before with complete success. We saw Claire and Anne who listened encouragingly and suddenly we were made to feel like human beings with a problem to sort out that wasn’t insurmountable. At last a pro-active stance!

So after 2 hours we walked out with a plan and lots of funny plastic bags with little white pills and dutifully took them. Could this really work I thought whilst Trevor did nothing but offer positivity.

A month later we were back, with our charts filled in, with Claire and Anne smiling with encouragement. Going on holiday from that appointment we went armed with the little pills. Hmm a week later we came home, my period was a week overdue now that was strange. I’m going to do a test I said and before the 2 minutes were up, there, appearing faintly was the second line…and who did Trevor call first? Yes, Claire and Anne.


After being diagnosed with PCOS

I started treatment for hormonal and fertility problems after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. I did not agree with the diagnosis and Clare and Anne were able to assess my situation holistically and treat me in a way that felt much more suitable to me as an individual.

Not only were they able to treat my problems successfully, their support and understanding was invaluable at a time which I found very distressing. I was on the verge of losing hope that I would be able to conceive but I now have a three-week-old son. Their ongoing support for minor ailments during my pregnancy and after has proven to be a big comfort and it is wonderful to have a trusted alternative to the medical model.


Help with IVF

When we did our first IVF attempt I thought that the drugs would sort out my cycle – the clinic said they would take over my cycle and do all the work of getting the eggs ready and fertilised.  I hadn’t realised how important it was to get my period regular so that the IVF had something to work off.  It took 6 months to get my cycle regular.  But I was thrilled when my second round of IVF worked, and actually needed less drugs than the first time!


Help with IVF

We had our first three cycles of IVF at a clinic that pretty much threw everything possible at me.  To be honest, I thought if I had everything possible I had the best chance.  Although I produced lots of eggs, nothing took and we were devastated.  Then my cycle just went haywire … I felt like a mess and was so volatile.  Anne & Claire got my cycle not just back on an even keel, but better than before and stopped biting my husband’s head off.  I decided to go to a different IVF who used less drugs and tailored it more to me – finally success.  Can’t tell you how thrilled we are.


Feeling understood at last

When I was referred by my doctor to the general fertility clinic I was just a series of physical symptoms, a walking uterus! Until I had treatment with Anne & Claire I had no idea that my grief and feeling of utter hopelessness could actually be helped. They really understood the depth that every month brings. The homeopathic treatment made me feel a lot more balanced, and I began to feel my old content self again. They also helped my hormonal problems, and now I am pregnant!