Our consultations are relaxed and informal – people report they felt understood and listened to, very often for the first time. Most report they have a better understanding of their health issues or particular problem and feel more in control and  optimistic.

Homeopathic treatment is designed as a course of treatment, we aim to arrange monthly appointments and for fertility would recommend you aim for 6 appointments, but you should experience measurable and noticable changes within 2-3 appointments.  In some situations treatment may take longer than 6 appointments but you will have a clear idea of how you feel the treatment has worked for you in that time. We would emphasis that you do not have to commit to the entire course – this is entirely your choice at all times.

We will discuss your particular problem and how you would like us to help you. We will go through your medical history, any diagnoses you have had, as well as taking account of your life stressors, life history and what is happening to you right now. We discuss and agree our approach and will create an individually tailored treatment plan for you. At each appointment we will assess changes and discuss these with you.

Appointments last up to 1 hour during which time we will prepare your remedies so that treatment can begin immediately. Both of us are present during the consultation which gives the opportunity for different perspectives and expertise when choosing your treatment plan.

Distance consultations

Because our clinic is unique in its approach and expertise we have a number of clients whose consultations take place by Skype or phone. This may be because they live some distance away from the clinic or overseas, or for whom childcare or travelling to the clinic may be difficult.

This has not presented a barrier to effective treatment and is used regularly and successfully within the clinic. We do ask for payment by internet banking or PayPal on or before the day of the consultation.