About Us

Our ethos is about holistic health – in other words getting your body and emotions to function as they should, and feel balanced and well. Clients come to see us may:

  • Have a diagnosed condition from a doctor
  • Be people who want to get to the root of an emotional or historic problem rather than just get symptomatic relief
  • Want to try something different to restore a level of health they remember, but are no longer enjoying
  • Looking to find balance and their “mojo” again and re-ignite creativity into their lives

We bring a unique combination of skills to the clinic, as expert homeopaths, counselling, hypnotherapy, midwifery & pregnancy advice, expertise in teaching yoga and mindfulness.

Claire Chaubert BSc(Hons) RSHom RM

Homeopath & Independent Midwife

I have been involved in homeopathy for 14 years, since first coming to it as a complete sceptic – once I saw it work for me I had to know more.  I am also a qualified midwife and work as an Independent Midwife with the London Birth Practice. I use hypnotherapy in my work as a midwife, and bring this as needed to the homeopathic work should clients benefit from these deeper relaxation techniques.

Anne Hope BSc(Hons) RSHom

Homeopath & Counsellor

I have been involved with homeopathy for 16 years and was a college lecturer teaching psychology and counselling before becoming a homeopath. I integrate counselling into homeopathy, and offer hypnotherapy to help with emotional problems. I am also a qualified meditation and yoga instructor and as needed can integrate the counselling and psychology with the breathing and relaxation techniques into the homeopathic consultation.