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With you all the way from conception, through pregnancy and supporting you after birth. Supporting women’s health from puberty to menopause.

What we do

We give homeopathic remedies with the aim of rebalancing hormones and subsequently corrects issues such as fertility, menopausal symptoms, emotional symptoms, stress & anxiety. We see people with: Unexplained Infertility, PCOS Symptoms, Low AMH, Mood Swings/PMT, Stress and Anxiety, Menopausal Symptoms, Support and Preparation for IVF, Male Fertility and Life Development.

General health

We see our role as helping you to achieve the best health on every level that you possibly can.

What we treat

We give homeopathic remedies which aims to naturally correct and balance fertility & hormones, symptoms at menopause, stresses and anxiety.

Get support

We do offer other services to support you, including counselling & hypnotherapy to help with past trauma and grief.

I didn’t realise how powerful homeopathic counselling would be. I’d had years of counselling some time ago – to be honest my heart sank when I realised things still weren’t fixed.

Homeopathic counselling was such a different experience. The remedies completely cleared my emotional problems and I felt completely different.

In just 6 months I felt I had a new lease of life.


We always came out feeling more positive. The homeopathic remedies made us feel supported not just physically but emotionally as well. We always wanted to have a child naturally, and after IVF failed, this gave us a real alternative.

Support during the difficult journey of fertility, medical procedures and disappointments was invaluable. Now I feel healthier as well as having achieved our aim of pregnancy.


I came to see Anne and Claire having been trying to get pregnant for three years without success. Tests showed I wasn’t ovulating. I’d never done well with hormonal medication so I decided to try something different.

My cycle completely changed, no PMT either. I was absolutely astounded these little white pills really worked. Now I have two lovely children. We are a complete family.


At last – a real help for hot flushes and night sweats. I felt properly mad menopausal; I was angry then crying, hot then cold, depressed and moody. Really, I didn’t know which way to turn.

Homeopathy was amazing. It just worked for me. My husband is so grateful! He says I’m like my old self. I’m happy, positive, sleep well and no flushes. In fact I wish I’d tried this earlier in my life!


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